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Correctly Pronounce The Names Of These Beauty Brands In Our Quiz

Magnificence is a really world factor. Manufacturers from France, Japan, and South Korea have taken over the world, India clearly included. So, multi-national origins of most magnificence corporations, their names are additionally worldwide, and are spelled and pronounced in methods most of us aren’t conscious of. 

So, take a look at and brush up your data of how the most well-liked magnificence manufacturers’ names are pronounced with our quiz.

1# Pronounce the title of the influencer-friendly new model, Glossier.

Pronounce the name of the influencer-friendly new brand, Glossier.

Picture credit:

  • Shiny-uhr default
  • Gloss-Ee-ay default
  • Gloss-yurdefault

2# How do you pronounce the title Givenchy?

How do you pronounce the name Givenchy?

Picture credit:

  • Give-en-chee default
  • ZHEE-von-she default
  • Guv-en-chidefault

3# How do you pronounce the title of the enduring Japanese model Shiseido?

How do you pronounce the name of the iconic Japanese brand Shiseido?

Picture credit:

  • Shiss-ee-doh default
  • Shih-SAY-doe default
  • She-sai-doedefault

4# How do you pronounce the title of the haircare model Kérastase?

How do you pronounce the name of the haircare brand Kérastase?

Picture credit:

  • Kir-uh-stayce default
  • Kair-ass-stays default
  • Kerr-uh-staahssdefault

5# Pronounce the title of this French model, Chantecaille.

Pronounce the name of this French brand, Chantecaille.

Picture credit:

  • Shan’t-uh-kai default
  • Chant-eh-kai default
  • Shan-te-kyledefault

6# Pronounce Estée Lauder.

Pronounce Estée Lauder.

Picture credit: Estée Lauder through Twitter

  • Es-stay Legislation-der default
  • Es-tee Legislation-day default
  • Es-tee Load-erdefault

7# How do you pronounce Kevin Aucoin, the model (and make-up artist), answerable for top-of-the-line full-coverage concealers?

How do you pronounce Kevin Aucoin, the brand (and makeup artist), responsible for one of the best full-coverage concealers?

Picture credit:

  • Kevin Aww-coin default
  • Kevin Au-Quan default
  • Kevin Au-soahdefault

8# We wager you’ll be able to’t pronounce Ouai. Attempt anyway?

We bet you can’t pronounce Ouai. Try anyway?

Picture credit:

  • Oo-ayy default
  • Manner default
  • Ooh-ayedefault

9# Byredo makes some nice perfumes. Have you learnt find out how to pronounce it?

Byredo makes some great perfumes. Do you know how to pronounce it?

Picture credit:

  • Bye-ray-doh default
  • Bye-ree-doh default
  • Bee-ree-dodefault

10# Lastly, how do you pronounce the title of the favored however oft-mispronounced make-up model, Nyx?

Finally, how do you pronounce the name of the popular but oft-mispronounced makeup brand, Nyx?

Picture credit:

  • En Why Ex default
  • Naiks default
  • Nixdefault

Lead Picture credit: Estee Lauder, Shiseido 

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