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How ‘Pinocchio’ Makeup Artists Turned an Actor Into a Tuna Fish

Italian creator Carlo Collodi’s 1883 e book “The Adventures of Pinocchio,” as most everybody is aware of, is a few picket puppet that yearns to be an actual boy. Director Matteo Garrone’s new Italian-language adaptation of the beloved story (starring Federico Ielapi as Pinocchio and Roberto Benigni as Geppetto) confronted the precise reverse problem.

Eschewing digital results in favor of sensible make-up magic, Garrone’s job was how you can flip the 8-year-old Ielapi, together with almost two dozen different human actors, into an elaborate array of storybook creatures, holding true to Collodi’s authentic imaginative and prescient. And never solely a picket puppet, but additionally a cricket, an owl, a canine, a gorilla, a snail — and, sure, even a philosophical tuna fish, who Pinocchio meets within the stomach of an enormous sea monster.

Garrone turned to the British prosthetics maestro Mark Coulier. An trade veteran for 3 a long time, Coulier started his profession creating creatures for horror movies like Clive Barker’s “Nightbreed,” and his many achievements embrace turning Ralph Fiennes into Voldemort within the “Harry Potter” sequence, plus twin Oscars wins for growing old Meryl Streep in “The Iron Girl” and Tilda Swinton in “The Grand Budapest Resort.”

“Once I first went to Matteo’s workplace, he had a little bit storyboard that he’d finished when he was 10 years outdated of Pinocchio,” Coulier instructed TheWrap. “He wished the story to be rooted in Italy, and notably within the poor, rural Tuscany space. And to be as devoted to the e book as attainable. We appeared on the Enrico Mazzanti drawings within the e book and type of drew our personal variations of these.”

Garrone wished his “Pinocchio” to be rooted in tactile, sensible results, which was a godsend to Coulier.

“Matteo may be very performance-driven and that’s very reassuring. If he can obtain one thing within the digicam, he’d a lot choose that,” Coulier stated.

His work on “Pinocchio” has been shortlisted in the Best Makeup and Hairstyling category at this yr’s Oscars. Nominations can be revealed March 15.

Coulier spoke to TheWrap from inside his workshop-like workplace at Coulier Creatures FX near St. Albans in England, the place he has half a dozen tasks in numerous levels of improvement. He walked us by means of his extraordinary work on 5 characters from the brand new movie.

Pinocchio (performed by Federico Ielapi)

The feel of Pinocchio’s “pores and skin” appears strikingly lumber-like.

“It’s really silicone rubber, so it’s like gentle pores and skin,” Coulier stated. “We made the items very gentle as a result of we would have liked the motion across the eyes. You may fairly simply obtain what individuals understand to be wooden, but it surely appears pretend. It appears like cartoon wooden. I wished this to look actual, so we analyzed actual wooden grain. However the make-up crew additionally labored to retain that pleasant and harmless nature that Pinocchio wants.”

The character’s limbs and his neck have been initially going to be rendered digitally. “However Matteo realized we may get the entire issues as a prosthetic, and he most popular that,” Coulier stated.

Pinocchio additionally meets a gang of fellow picket characters in a touring puppet theater.

“We have been in a position to go a bit stronger on the wooden as a result of these characters had been puppets longer and they’re extra cracked and textured,” Coulier stated. “We may exploit sure ranges of crudity within the sculpture. That was useful as a result of we nonetheless wished Pinocchio to face out.”

The younger actor Federico Ielapi, now 10, was 8 when the movie was made.

“He was very affected person, such an unimaginable and intuitive actor, however nonetheless a child,” Coulier stated. “And this was a 50-days shoot, so we tried to get the make-up utility finished in two hours. The arms and legs prolonged the time to two-and-a-half hours or almost three, relying how stressed Federico was.”

Coulier continued: “In the event you’ve ever ever finished a 20-minute make-up job on a child for Halloween, you’ll perceive how tough it’s to maintain a baby at that age nonetheless. Federico is a little bit bundle of power, which is what makes him such an outstanding actor, but it surely’s like sticking make-up on a stressed pet.”

The Tuna (performed by Maurizio Lombardi)

Tuna Pinocchio BTS

“Sure that’s a prosthetic head on an actor,” Coulier raved. “Matteo had all the time stated, ‘Ah, I wanna do a tuna fish make-up.’ I believed that sounded fairly not possible. I stored saying to my crew, ‘Oh, that may find yourself as a digital creation.’ However Matteo was actually insistent. He wished it to take a seat with all the opposite characters who converse with Pinocchio.”

The actor Maurizio Lombardi is recognizable to American audiences from roles on HBO’s “The New Pope” and SundanceTV’s “The Identify of the Rose.”

“Lombardi is such an incredible actor and as soon as we acquired his head solid made, we realized that, proportion-wise, we may really pull this off,” Coulier stated. “It was an enormous make-up. We had an enormous foam head piece and a silicone make-up on the entrance. Then we added the physique and a tail flopping round. The entrance half is all make-up.”

The Tuna’s physique does contain a small diploma of digital work, however Coulier stated the mix of make-up and CGI is harking back to the well-known He Who Should Not Be Named.

“After we did the make-up for Ralph Fiennes as Voldemort, solely his nostril was eliminated digitally,” Coulier stated. “The remainder of it’s sensible make-up. We blocked his eyebrows out and we painted veins. However the mixture works superbly as a result of the human eye dean’t actually decide up the impact. The sensible and the digital merge into a really plausible character.”

The Snail (performed by Maria Pia Timo)

“We took a full physique scan of Maria,” Coulier recalled. “We did a face solid, head solid, arms solid. We scanned her physique after which printed a 3D miniature model of her. Then we constructed a miniature of the complete character.”

Coulier and his crew studied the shells of precise snails and insisted on correct proportions.

“As soon as we had a full physique printout of the Maria finished, then we scaled every thing up full measurement,” Coulier stated. “The snail trolly was snapped onto the actress by means of a vest, after which the fiberglass snail shell was lowered onto the trolly. So she did really bodily pull round this large snail shell. Powering herself alongside and holding her head nonetheless. It’s a beautiful impact.”

Physician Crow and Mastiff #1 (each performed by Massimiliano Gallo)

“Massimiliano performs the circus grasp as properly, along with these two characters,” Coulier stated. “With the chook characters, we didn’t wish to cowl them with large feathers. We did a transition from very positive hair after which punched in some fur after which some feathers. From very positive to huge thick lengthy feathers behind the pinnacle.”

Coulier additionally determined to solely give the actors a high beak over their mouths.

“That was in order that the actors may speak and ship strains,” Coulier stated. “With a backside beak it appears extra puppet-like and fewer anthropomorphized human. And they’re nonetheless convincing as birds. Folks don’t query the place is the underside beak.”

With the Mastiff, Coulier stated, “the character doesn’t converse an excessive amount of, so we have been simply making the canine alongside the form of the actor’s face. He’s fairly hangdog, so there’s undecided an emphasis on the vary of expression.”

Essential to director Garrone was that the actors’ personal eyes remained seen by means of the make-up.

“We didn’t even take into consideration contact lenses,” Coulier stated. “So that they have been all the time unaltered eyes. I knew from previous experiences that it will work.  Audiences will take a look at a crow or a canine or a picket puppet, and can learn the true human eyes as regular.”

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